•  12.05.2020 12:55 PM

This vintage grinder is as old as me. It’s a Soviet design and was produced in 1986 in the Straume factory in Riga, Latvia. Like many mass-produced items back in the day, almost every household had one like that. After the Berlin wall came down in 1989, items like that became unwanted heritage.

  •  09.01.2020 02:32 PM

This Christmas my favorite read was a book from my gift wishlist: “Start to love design. How to collect Polish industrial art”. The book turned out to be so gripping that I even skipped an annual gathering at one of my uncles. Learning about designers behind the iron curtain developing brilliant yet little known projects in the West felt like reading a crime story. Inspired by the book, I started to scrutinize mid-century modern and vintage design in my Oslo house.